1. We believe that each child is a unique individual and can be a successful, competent and capable learner. We believe that children begin learning from birth and learn through different ways and at individual rates. Learning occurs during play, sensory exploration, first hand experiences, modelling and imitation. We believe it is important to see the child as a whole and therefore we aim to develop all aspects of the child – physical, social/emotional, creative, cognitive and language skills. We endeavour to foster and support children’s positive self-esteem and to respect themselves and others.
  2. We believe in positive partnerships with families that are based on mutual trust, respect, open communication and the value that the family is the primary nurturer and teacher. The importance of including and considering families within the decision-making process is recognised and incorporated in programming. Families are always welcome at the Centre and are greeted warmly each day. Family input is encouraged and programs include parents’ goals for their children. We recognise children as part of a community outside of the immediate family which provides a rich contribution to the children’s learning.
  3. We acknowledge that each child is an active participant in the community and belongs to wider communities and groups. We endeavour to support the understanding of reciprocal rights and responsibilities that are necessary for active community participation. We strive to develop children’s ability to monitor their own behaviour and to resolve social conflict situations independently.
  4. We believe that excellent nutrition is important to support children’s health and their ability to learn and grow. We provide a catered menu designed by experts in children’s nutrition and behaviour. Individual dietary needs are also taken into consideration. Educators promote children to take responsibility for their own wellbeing in all aspects of their day. The Australian Government Healthy Eating and Physical activity guidelines are actively promoted in our programs.
  5. We believe that our team of Educators is comprised of professional, caring members who are dedicated and committed to the early childhood profession. Each Educator makes a unique contribution to a team strengthened by enthusiasm, critical reflection and ongoing professional development. Educators strive to implement best practice based on current research which is utilised in the provision of care and education. We support and advocate for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and appreciate that their rights are paramount in all decision making.
  6. We believe the learning environment should be warm, inviting, relaxed, clean, and safe and incorporate natural elements. The centre provides rich, engaging environments with meaningful interactions and experiences. When a child feels secure, safe and supported in a stimulating environment then they are able to learn and grow. We believe in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability and embed this in our programs in both the indoor and outdoor environment.
  7. We are committed to inclusive practices and full participation of children and their families taking into consideration all cultural backgrounds, family circumstances and levels of ability. We recognise and respect individual and cultural identity. We believe all children have the right to express opinions in decision-making. We additionally value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as a core part of Australia’s history and we strive to embed this within our ongoing programming. We aim to create an environment which accepts and respects differences, rejoices in diversity and minimises bias.
  8. We believe our programs support and engage children’s individual needs, interests, strengths, developmental abilities and learning styles. We believe that children bring with them to the learning environment an already developed knowledge and skills base and are considered to be lifelong learners who have an active role in their learning and program. We provide an emergent curriculum program based on Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG). We believe children’s learning is not product driven but intrinsically motivated.

Updated January 2016