Current Peter Pan parents can view and request additional days on a permanent or casual basis using our online vacancy calendar.

Here’s How

  1. Click on an available day. Available days are shown in green.
  2. Click the New Attendance link.
  3. Enter the requested details.
  4. You can request the same day for additional weeks (if available) by clicking on the Repeat button.
  5. Create attendance.
  6. Answer the remaining questions and hit Submit.

You will receive an email from the Centre Director advising that your booking is confirmed. If you do not hear anything for more than 24 hours, please phone Peter Pan on 07 3397 5601.

Cancel a Request

If you no longer want a requested spot, please contact the Centre Director or you may be charged for the day.

Some things to note:

  • Please note this schedule is not updated in real time and you should not consider your request confirmed until you receive confirmation from the Centre Director.
  • Permanent bookings will be given priority.
  • Online bookings are only available to current Peter Pan parents.